Friday, 31 July 2015

Life Insurance And HIV

Why should you get tested?

Firstly, it is in your own best interest to know what your HIV status is, because you might be infected and can spread the disease if you have a partner or more than one with whom you are in a sexual relationship with. If infected, these partners have the right to know so that they can get tested.

Secondly, you need to know to start living a healthy lifestyle. This will help control the disease and prevent it from turning into AIDS which is life threatening.

Lastly, any policy that you want to take out request that patients should get a HIV test done. This is company policy and the information shared with the company is highly confidential.

Struggling to find an affordable life insurance?

Yes, it is likely that you will pay more for your life insurance policy because of this health condition. But, it is not impossible to find an affordable policy to suit your pocket. There are various life insurance companies with various packages, one cheaper than the other. If you want to pay less, the best way to go is to compare life insurance quotes.

You find a place or website that will send you via e-mail quotes and benefits from different companies. Compare each one and so you will find the less costly plan. If you are not happy with the quotes received, contact the broker back and give them all the details that you need...

You will find a suitable life insurance plan for people living with HIV...


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