Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Life Insurance Policies In South Africa

Where can you get life policies?

Basically anywhere in South Africa is firms that provide life insurance policies to people like for instance ABSA, Momentum and so many more. Some are more expensive than the other, but if you look for quotes, you can compare them and choose the one with the most benefits for less.

Thus, you will get a policy in South Africa that suits your needs and pocket.

What type of policies is there?


There are basically two types of life insurance policies, namely:

  • Term life insurance:
This type of life insurance cover a certain period of time. For instance, you take out a term life insurance for 5 years, after 5 years this policy would pay out or you can increase the time again.

  • Whole life insurance:
This type of policy covers your whole life up to the age of 65 years old. Then it would pay out or it would pay out when something within this terms happens to you.

It is important to have life insurance in South Africa?

Yes, it is. The simplest reason is that anything can happen to you anywhere in South Africa and you want to be prepared for your family. So, get a South African life policy or lewenspolis in Afrikaans today!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Life Insurance And HIV

Why should you get tested?

Firstly, it is in your own best interest to know what your HIV status is, because you might be infected and can spread the disease if you have a partner or more than one with whom you are in a sexual relationship with. If infected, these partners have the right to know so that they can get tested.

Secondly, you need to know to start living a healthy lifestyle. This will help control the disease and prevent it from turning into AIDS which is life threatening.

Lastly, any policy that you want to take out request that patients should get a HIV test done. This is company policy and the information shared with the company is highly confidential.

Struggling to find an affordable life insurance?

Yes, it is likely that you will pay more for your life insurance policy because of this health condition. But, it is not impossible to find an affordable policy to suit your pocket. There are various life insurance companies with various packages, one cheaper than the other. If you want to pay less, the best way to go is to compare life insurance quotes.

You find a place or website that will send you via e-mail quotes and benefits from different companies. Compare each one and so you will find the less costly plan. If you are not happy with the quotes received, contact the broker back and give them all the details that you need...

You will find a suitable life insurance plan for people living with HIV...

Friday, 24 July 2015

Life Insurance & Smokers

Are You Smoking And In Need Of Life Cover?

Any life insurance company will cover a person that is smoking, because a big part of the population is smoking. The biggest difference between smokers and non-smokers regarding life insurance is the premium. A person that does not smoke will pay less for a specific cover than a person that is smoking.

Why does a person that smokes pay more for life insurance than a non-smoker? It is simple, people that smokes are more open for health issues or diseases than a person that does not smoke. Also, people that have and existing condition that smokes are at greater risk of getting worse. Smoking is not good for your health, and you are a higher risk client for life insurance companies than a non-smoker.

But, do not let this put you off from getting life cover. There will be places out there that will give you and affordable rate on a policy. Remember, each company is cheaper than the other, this way you will get great benefits for less.

It is also important for you to have that cover to look after your family in case of death, serious injury or cancer. Your life insurance company will provide for your family financially, as well as for you!

It is best to get a life cover when you are a smoker, be at peace knowing your loved ones will be provided for...

Monday, 20 July 2015

Are You A Type 1 Or 2 Diabetic?

What Is Diabetes?

Known as Diabetes Mellitus, which means the blood sugar levels of a person is very high over a long time-period. If you show the following symptoms it is advisable to see a GP - urinating regularly, increased hunger and thirst.

There are two main reasons for diabetes. First, the pancreas is not producing enough insulin. Second, the body is not responding to the insulin produced.

There are three types of diabetics, namely:

Where the pancreas does not produce insulin in the body.
  • Type 2 diabetes
This is where the cells fail to respond to the produced insulin in the body.
  • Gestational diabetes
This is a condition with pregnant women, in other words where a woman have not suffered from diabetes before she was pregnant, but develops pregnancy diabetes.

Do You  Find It Difficult To Find Life Insurance With Diabetes?

It can be hard at times finding the right life insurance when living with a health condition, or you have to pay way more for a cover. This should not let you give up hope to get the right policy, just think about your loved ones and how they will suffer financially if you are no longer their to provide for them. Think about yourself if you cannot work any longer due to a health condition like diabetes. This should give you enough motivation to get up and look for the right life insurance for diabetics.

Where Can You Find Life Insurance Quotes?

There are lots of companies out there providing life cover, all you need to do is find a website where you can fill out a form and receive quotes from a broker via e-mail. This broker's service is free, so if you are not happy with the quotes you receive; you respond to there e-mail, give them all your details like your budget and ask them to assist you. They will surely help you find an affordable plan in your budget range. Find the link on this page and visit Falcon's Nest a quote providing site...